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Beautiful Skin Within 30 Days!
Recommended by Dermatologists Dr. Khan
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World's First Galvanic Ultrasonic
Facial Massager with Photon

Ultrasonic skin therapy
Galvanic skin therapy
Photon LED rejuvenation

Discover your personal training
planning and get a perfect skin
in 30 days!

Get rid of wrinkles and restore your
skin to a smooth youthful glow with
Ultrasonic therapy   »Read more
Nourish your skin! Give life to all 3
layers of your skin thanks to Galvanic
and its ability to push nutrients deep
into the skin   »Read more
Stop skin inflammation and
accelerate skin repair to enhance
younger looking skin with LED
Photon therapy   »Read more
  Dermatologist Recommended!

"As an esthetician with over 20 years experience in treating skin, I am happy to recommend the Fyola Lite. It's incredibly user-friendly as it is very lightweight. The streamlined design of the device allows for easy glide and reach, even around the contours of the nose area. It is a highly effective tool for delivering multiple benefits with visible results,and I really enjoy using it on my clients and myself!"

-- Lisa Dunne, Skin Rejuvenation, Denver, MA


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