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Fyola Facial Body Massaging Brush

The Fyola Facial Brush helps reduce the signs of ageing by preparing the skin to absorb serum, skin creams, and moisturisers. 
No, this anti-ageing product doesn't send you back to the future like Marty McFly, but it does massage your skin to increase elasticity for the absorption of nutrients that make you look younger.

Here are the top benefits:
  • Remove skin impurities.
  • Deeply cleans your skin.
  • Get smoother, clearer skin tone.
  • Get skin texture firmer, but also softer and tighter.
  • Have those silkier legs you've been dreaming of.
  • Your skin will be able to absorb skin products much better.

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Fyola Facial Brush

$ 59 ($100)

free shipping, 1 year warranty, 45 days money back



  • Help get firmer and tighter looking skin which the dream of every woman!
  • Get silkier skin that your spouse or partner will love! Exfoliation with this product gives you the most luxurious looking skin.
  • Helps to increase blood flow with massaging and also helps to build collagen to prevent cellulite and stretch marks.
  • Don’t we all dream of no more razor burn? Well, the perfect product to help us avoid irritation while removing dead skin cells is here.

How This Facial/Body Brush Gives Your Skin A Youthful boost ?


  • With Micro Pulsating Technology this body facial brush deeply penetrate the skin's surface. It removes dead skin cells, so facial moisturisers can absorb easily into your pores for true hydration.

Fyola galvanic Machine

Fyola Facial Brush Reduces Sign of Aging

Only a time machine can fully reduce the signs of aging. Until one is built, we must find the best anti aging products to keep us spry on the job, as well as at social events that require our best appearance.

The Fyola Facial Brush represents an affordable way to smooth the skin and restore the lustre that once rules your smile. Instead of spending hours reclined in a spa chair hoping for a miracle, this skin care product has demonstrated consistent anti aging results.

As They Used to Say, a Little Dab Will Do Ya

The Fyola Facial Brush extends the use of a single jar of moisturizer and skin creams by doing a more effective job of applying skin enhancement products to the skin. The facial brush provides several additional benefits that enhance your appearance.

1) The Fyola Facial Brush reaches deep within the skin to remove impurities for a thorough cleansing

2) You feel a firmer skin texture that translates into a clear skin tone

3) Dry skin comes to life by using a gentle exfoliate that produces silky looking arms and legs

4) Reduce painful razor burn by using the Fyola Facial Brush for hair removal

Fyola Body Facial Brush Does Much More than Ordinary Facial Brushes

The Fyola Facial Brush does much more than the brushes put out by our competitors.

Fyola galvanic Machine
  • No other facial brush rotates 15,000 per minute to exfoliate more skin in a shorter period.
  • Sonic power- The power packed in this product is equivalent to any treatment you may get in a high end Spa. Why waste hundreds of dollars when you can own this amazing product.
  • Two interchangeable brushes allow you to cleanse your face and body by using a facial brush that when fully charged, lasts up to three weeks.
  • The diameter of each hair is less than 0.05mm- The small diameter of the hairs helps the brush gives you a deep clean while getting deep into your pores to take the dirt, make-up and grease, and all other impurities out.
  • Every brush has 5200 soft hairs made of anti-bacterial material- This will protect your skin and keep you looking beautiful and radiant.
  • High speed, low noise- This makes the product work efficiently while not overwhelming you with a loud noise.
  • Eco-friendly- What is better than using a project that helps you and also helps the environment.
  • 100% waterproof- Use it in the shower for maximum effect.
  • Wireless charging- Convenient and efficient.


  • Lisa Dunne
    Esthetician in The Skin Rejuvenation Center and Spa, Danvers, MA
    "As an esthetician with over 20 years experience in treating skin, I am happy to recommend the Fyola Lite. It is a highly effective tool for delivering multiple benefits with visible results, and I really enjoy using it on my clients and myself!"
  • Dr. A. Khan, M.D.
    Reputed Dermatologist from the Laser Institute of America, in Arizona. Founder of Skin Sense USA Consultants.
    "The Fyola Lite device uses tri-phasic scientifically proven time tested technology in treating skin and achieving rejuvenation. Used in conjonction with 'Skin Food', it offers a rich cocktail of actives to the skin where they are needed most. "
  • Caitlin McKinnon
    Satisfied customer from Australia
    "I received my Fyola Lite a couple of weeks ago, and followed the recommended use set out in the user manual. Even after just 2 uses, the texture of my skin looked amazing – way more hydrated, plump and glowing. It literally appeared as if 2 years had been wiped off my face."

This Facial / Body Cleansing Brush comes with 4 Unique Cleansing Modes:

  1. SENSITIVE mode - for delicate or damaged skin
  2. PULSE LIFT MASSAGE mode - for gently stimulation of the skin
  3. EXFOLIATE mode - removal of dry skin resulting smoother legs and arms
  4. DEEP CLEANSING mode - for make-up removal
galvanic facial massager

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