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Renew Your Skin with FYOLA
Indulge in your skin. The Fyola 3X LITE Massager is the first all-in one Galvanic and Ultrasonic solution with Photon Rejuvenation. These 3 clinical spa technologies deliver essential nutrients deeper to smooth away those unwanted imperfections right at home. :

  • Reduces Skin Sagging
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Diminishes acne
  • Helps the skin absorb nutrients
  • Soothes skin to reduce redness
  • Accelerates skin repair

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Fyola Massager
With 15ml Toning Gel

$149 ($249)
Fyola &15ml Toning Gel
Extended 3 Year Warranty

$199 ($289)
Free shipping                   Designed in Canada          30 Day Skin Workout
Which Technology For Your Skin? (let's play)

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Expand the World of Possibilities for Your Skin

The search is over. The countless time and money have come to an end with the Fyola 3X Lite.

  • No gimmicks. Tanglible, attainable claims.
  • A solution you can trust. You, all the professionals, and the countless customers who swear by it.
  • And the team behind it. All the support you need. All in one.
  • A full money-back guarantee. Just in case your skin isn’t happy.

3X LITE. Three Advanced Skin Technologies

Begin With Health. Fyola Lite starts by invigorating your skin, rather than applying superficial treatment.
An Inside-out Approach. Reviving your skin is the answer to results that last. Unlike most skin products, 3X Lite uses three penetrating technologies that use the natural healing power of light, nutrient penetration, and collagen production to deliver what the others cannot.

Photon LED Therapy: Heal Your Skin’s Wounds

Whether you’re suffering from acne or simply have sensitive skin, this type of therapy will help reduce redness. Not only that, but it will also speed up the process of recovery. Learn more

Galvanic Therapy: Feed Your Skin

Are you frustrated with the results of lotions and creams? That may be related to their inability to penetrate the skin’s natural barrier. With Galvanic therapy, the nutrients in the Fyola Toning Gel are given space to enter where your skin can absorb the nutrients directly. Learn more

Ultrasonic Skin Therapy: Fade Wrinkles Away

Diminishing wrinkles seems like an impossible task, doesn’t it? Fyola Lite makes it possible through the ultrasonic technology it uses. Ultrasonic technology increases your skin’s production of collagen, the nutrient holding your body together. Learn more


Ready to Make Your Skin Look Younger?

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How To Use Your Fyola Lite Facial Massager

  • Dr. A. Khan, M.D.
    Reputed Dermatologist from the Laser Institute of America, in Arizona. Founder of Skin Sense USA Consultants.
    "The Fyola Lite device uses tri-phasic scientifically proven time tested technology in treating skin and achieving rejuvenation. Used in conjonction with 'Skin Food', it offers a rich cocktail of actives to the skin where they are needed most. "
  • Lisa Dunne
    Esthetician in The Skin Rejuvenation Center and Spa, Danvers, MA
    "As an esthetician with over 20 years experience in treating skin, I am happy to recommend the Fyola Lite. It is a highly effective tool for delivering multiple benefits with visible results, and I really enjoy using it on my clients and myself!"
  • Caitlin McKinnon
    Satisfied customer from Australia
    "I received my Fyola Lite a couple of weeks ago, and followed the recommended use set out in the user manual. Even after just 2 uses, the texture of my skin looked amazing – way more hydrated, plump and glowing. It literally appeared as if 2 years had been wiped off my face."
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