How to reduce facial wrinkle without chemical peels

What would you give for a method of eliminating fine lines and wrinkles and tightening sagging skin that you could accomplish in the privacy of your own home in just four minutes a day-that really works?


The Sad News…
Fine wrinkles being to develop at about age 30.

Fine wrinkles being to develop at about age 30. Up until about age 60, the easiest way to get rid of a wrinkle is to use a mild peeling agent. Alpha- and beta-hydroxy acid peels lift the tiny particles of dead skin that keep the skin tight and wrinkled, and moisturizers and good nutrition contribute to keeping those fine lines and slight sagging skin from coming back.

Not everyone can use exfoliation.

Exfoliation really does help reduce wrinkles. The problem is, not everyone can use it. People with dry and/or sensitive skin simply cannot use skin peels. That is because sometimes skin peels leave visibly peeling skin much like sunburn. Even the gentlest, most natural alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids are just too much for the most sensitive skin.

Ultrasound skin therapy: safe and chemical-free.

Fortunately, ultrasound provides a chemical-free way to exfoliate without damaging the skin. Bombarding the skin with 1,000,000 to 1,800,000 pulses per second, ultrasound "shakes" dead skin cells loose without damaging living cells. 

It lifts and separates the microscopic flakes of dead skin that make the skin as a whole inflexible and wrinkle-prone. When the skin is exfoliated, it is free to relax so that fine lines and wrinkles simply disappear. But even though ultrasound is clearly the best sensitive skin treatment for removing dead skin, exfoliation is not the only benefit of ultrasound.

How does ultrasound skin therapy reduce facial wrinkles?

Ultrasound of 1 MHz to 1.8 MHz (1,000,000 to 1,800,000 cycles per second) is at the optimum frequency to open tiny micro-channels in the skin. These invisible passageways appear between cells for a fraction of a second, just long enough to allow agents placed on the skin to reach the lower layers. 

As soon as a micro-channel forms, it disappears. Lower frequencies never open the channels, and higher frequencies close them before any nutrients or healing agents can be absorbed.

Follow up ultrasound with galvanic treatment for glowing skin.

Galvanic ion makes moisturizers, toners, and nutrient lotions maximally effective. The ingredients in these skin care products can reach below the epidermis down to the layers of the skin that are usually 100% dependent on the bloodstream for their nutrition. 

Galvanic technology helps transport nutrients from the surface of the skin, the gentle pulsation of the sound waves increases circulation of blood and lymph through the skin to provide it with oxygen and take waste products away.

The Fyola Facial Machine has both ultrasound and galvanic treatments.

When it comes to restoring and rejuvenating aging skin, the Fyola ultrasound machine may be your single most useful resource. The Fyola ultrasound face massager erases fine lines and wrinkles without any chemical peels or face-contorting exercises. 

Fyola allows nutrient penitration for healthier-looking skin.

There is no better way to make sure your toner or serum rejuvenates your skin that to apply it with the ultrasound massager. It carries the product deep into your skin. It enhances circulation so your skin achieves a normal, healthy glow. And it removes debris from the surface of your skin so it will silky, smooth, and, in a few weeks, wrinkle-free.