Ultrasonic Skin Treatment

If you have sensitive skin you don’t want to rub face with microdermabrasion machines. Even your topical cream has to be carefully selected. No fragrance at all. Your skin care solutions are very limited. 

So what’s the best way to rejuvenate sensitive skin without overdoing it?

The Last Organ to Get a Nutrient from food is the skin. Nutrients from food or oral supplements have to be broken down in the digestive tract. A pill simply might not break up, or the digestive tract simply might be able to absorb a nutrient for reasons ranging from leaky gut to constipation.

Once a nutrient gets inside the body, the first place it goes is to the liver. If there is some kind of "congestion" in hepatic circulation, the nutrient never makes it to the rest of the body. And even when nutrients survive their processing in the liver, every other tissue in the body has first dibs on every nutrient before it ever reaches the skin.

Applying Lotions, Serums or Cream Directly To Skin May Not Help. That is why it is so helpful to skin health to be able to apply nutrients directly to the skin. If you simply slather a nutrient on untreated skin, it won't be absorbed.

The proteins of the skin from a tight protective barrier that keeps nutrients out the same way it keeps infection out. If you gently loosen that protective barrier without breaking it, however, nutrients can enter—but microorganisms are still too large to break through the skin.

How does ultrasound therapy help your sensitive skin Absorb Nutrients Better? Ultrasound skin care therapy applies just enough energy to "jostle" skin cells so that they absorb nutrients. There are tremendous advantages to being able to apply a nutrient directly to the skin.

Ultrasonic skin massagers using sonophoresis technology to help sensitive skin. Sonophoresis, or the use of sound to help the skin absorb nutrients and healing agents applied to its surface, is not exactly a new technology. The first ultrasound therapy machines for skin care were put into use in 1927. Scientists quickly learned that different wavelengths had different optimal uses. The lower wavelengths, about 5,000 to 1,000,000 vibrations per second, really did not have many effects. Slightly higher frequencies, usually 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 vibrations per second, helped the skin absorb useful compounds. Frequencies above 3,000,000 Hz are more useful for ultrasound imaging of soft tissues beneath the skin without X-ray radiation.

Ultrasound skin therapy with Fyola 3X Lite

If put a drop of water on your Fyola Lite face massager, you can see it vibrating. This is the same gentle action your Fyola Lite face massager has on your skin. The Fyola Lite device sends out about a million waves a second to gently open pores, lift and separate dirt and dead skin cells, and help nutrients penetrate deep into the skin. Users of the Fyola Lite face massager often report a warm feeling in the skin as the machine is being used. That warm feeling is not due to the machine. That warm feeling is the way your skin is supposed to feel!

Fyola Lite is safe and effective for sensitive skin.

Fyola Lite facer massage gently increases circulation so that your own blood flows into the skin, bringing it still more oxygen and nutrients, carrying away irritants, helping it repair and rejuvenate with every use.

This is what makes Fyola Lite best for sensitive skin. No chemicals, no astringents, nothing allergenic—just the gentle power of sound. Sensitive skin can return to a beautiful tone and a blemish-free state after just a few weeks of Fyola Lite ultrasound therapy.

5 Ways FyolaTM Ultrasound Facial Machine Can Help Your Skin

  • Helps remove dead skin cells
  • Firms & tightens your skin
  • Removes waste and cleans out pores
  • Allows for skin care treatment in your home
  • Save money by not visiting the beauty salon