How to Treat Dry Skin without Further Damage

"Drying" the skin is often talked about as if it were a good thing, but there are definite downsides to drying out your skin.
Dry skin gets wrinkles. Dry skin traps sebum in pores where whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples can grow. Dry skin flakes at just the wrong time, usually after it has been carefully covered with moisturizers, foundation, blushes, and powder. Dry skin has an unpredictable, uneven texture.

Dry skin treatment tips


Gentle Cleansing

What's best for dry skin is to begin with gentle cleansing. Don't be afraid to use soap and warm (never hot or cold) water. The "creamier" your soap, the better. If you don't use animal products, you won't want a soap formulated with lanolin, but there are good soaps for dry skin made with cocoa butter and olive oil.

Pat Dry Skin

When washing dry skin, it is important to pat skin dry. Never rub skin dry.. Rubbing the skin can move tiny flakes of dead skin where they can cause harm, directly over the openings of pores. When people with naturally dry skin get acne, often the basic problem is rubbing, rather than blotting, their skin dry with a towel. Rubbing skin dry clogs dry skin pores.


Dry skin is also likely to be sensitive skin. Anything that causes allergies should be avoided on dry skin. The simpler the soap, the better it works. Fragrances not only make skin drier, they can cause it to break out.


Dry skin needs moisture, and unless you can find a way to shower 20 times a day, you probably should use a moisturizer. Again, simpler is better. The moisturizer should contain no fragrances or essential oils.

Likewise, dry skin requires moisturizing cosmetics. They should be labeled moisturizing or hydrating or nourishing. If you don't use a foundation that includes sunscreen, then be sure to apply sunscreen before you go outside. 

Bonus Tip: Exfoliation Facial

From time to time dry skin requires exfoliation, the removal of old skin cells that can clog pores and cause an uneven texture in the skin. This process gets a little tricky, because too much exfoliation can expose and irritate healthy skin.

Ultrasound Skin Therapy: A natural exfoliator.

Rather than use a harsh chemical agent on the skin, consider gentle exfoliation with ultrasound. The Fyola ultrasound facial machine gently bombards the skin with sound. 

Over one million pulses a second provide just enough energy to lift dead skin cells and to form micro-channels, tiny passageways between healthy cells that allow moisture and nutrients to travel to the deeper layers where they are needed. 

The Fyola facial machine can pay for itself in just a few months, and you can exfoliate for healthy, smooth skin time and time again in the privacy of your own home for no additional cost.