Facial Aromatherapy for Fragrant Radiance


If I like something more than a clean face, it’s a fragrant clean face. I simply love facial aromatherapy- not because it makes me look better, but also because it helps me relax. Plus the results are great – rejuvenated skin and eased tension. You can do this by using homemade solutions or by purchasing over-the-counter products. Make sure that what you make or obtain has essential oils and aroma content.

You may opt to create a soothing environment by lighting aromatic candles before performing a facial aromatherapy treatment. A tranquil environment will help you relax.

Common Skin Issues That Most Women Forget To Take Care Of

  • Your skin needs to be carefully cleansed

Use a cleanser to effectively remove all the dirt from your face. Exfoliate your skin using a mini loofah- Be sure you do this while your skin is still wet. Choose one that is especially made for your skin type. In small circular motions, gently rub your face and focus on your forehead- then your nose, chin and finally your cheeks. Remember to avoid contact with your eye area. Now rinse your face properly.

  • Your skin needs toning

I use aromatic water for skin toning. I always make sure that the toner I buy is alcohol free. You can make a good toner at home too- just use the following:

  •          Two ounces of water
  •          Two drops of geranium oil
  •          Four drops of lavender oil
  •          Four drops of rose oil

Pick a mist sprayer that can spray the toner to your skin.

How To Protect Your Skin

facial masks
  • Your skin needs more than cleansing and toning

You can use a cleansing mask after you exfoliate and tone your skin. You can apply the mask on your face, and then on your neck. Avoid contact with your eyes. If there is some cleanser left, you can use it on your hands or feet.

  • Not just your skin but eyes as well

Your eyes need to be given proper care too, so make sure to use an eye compress. Here’s how you can make an eye compress solution for yourself.

  •          A drop of chamomile essential oil is enough for a half pint of cold water. Mix the oil with water well.
  •          Place two cotton pods in the solution and squeeze tight to drain the extra water.
  •          These pods can then be placed over your eyes.
  •          Relax and wait for about 10 minutes for the compress.
  •          Remove and rinse the mask using cold water.

Use a skin conditioner depending on your skin type. The solution you made can be applied to your face down to your neck. Wait for another 20 minutes and then you can rinse it off.

A Final Touch for Your Skin

While choosing a skin conditioner, select the one that you can leave on until nighttime and can serve as your moisturizer regularly.

Now you can enjoy a brilliant and fragrant face with facial aromatherapy treatment.