Fyola. Your 30-day skin secret.

Pursuing beauty from inside out…


The Fyola Company was founded in Vancouver BC in 2006. Backed by innovations in beauty technology, we began with an idea of helping people live healthier, and rewarding hard work with real results. No surprise, we were a beauty selling oddity. It’s not easy to shakedown an industry built on covering up imperfections and promising instant results. But good things take time to grow.

Today, our core belief remains unchanged. Even after a major product transformation, we maintain that lasting skin improvements only come through improving the vitality of what’s underneath. And it’s catching on. 

Initially focused on local and offline markets, the Fyola Company is now making its way into spas and retail stores around the world. With a new online storefront we’ve never been more capable of delivering better skin to like-minded beauty junkies everywhere. 

We’re working hard to share Fyola with the world, so you can keep the benefits to yourself.

Designed in Canada 

And we are proud of it! 

Our products are mostly purple and our logo isn’t green…

But the Fyola Company is serious about sustainable business. From economical design to our electronics re-disposal program, our commitment to sustainable practice is built into how our products are produced and sold. 

Here’s some of what we’ve been doing. 

Fyola Toning Gel is made locally in small batches by emerging beauty favorite, Get Creamed Body.