Photon LED Rejuvenation With Fyola Facial Machine

orang-bullet.jpg How does Photon LED work?

Photon is an emerging therapy that uses the natural healing power of light to treat inflammation and acne, by using the latest in LED technology. 

Exposing light to the skin surface activates the skin's photoreceptors and let the skin cells absorb its energy. It accelerates cell biochemical circulation and stimulates the production of collagen.

The Photon LED technology is also used as a treatment: it penetrates the skin to treat issues from the inside out. LED photon works on the foundation of stimulating the compounds inside of acne bacteria, destroying the bacteria wall, and eventually, killing the bacteria. The red light especially improves healing and inhibits any inflammation.

orang-bullet.jpg Benefits

1o.jpg Reduce skin inflammation

2o.jpg Calm rosacea down to reduce the appearance of overall redness and flushing

3o.jpg Accelerate skin repair to enhance younger looking skin

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3 different lights for Photon therapy

Photon therapy uses 3 different colors of LEDs: the red light, the blue light and the green light. Each light has its own properties and is used in a different purpose.

blue-dot.jpg Blue light

The blue light is recommended to sensitive and oily skins, especially to skin with rashes. It is generally used to fight acne thanks to its powerful anti bacterial properties. This light penetrates as much as 0.5 millimeters in the skin.

red-dot.jpg Red light

The red light is penetrating deeper the skin, as much as 8 to 10 millimeters. It is recommended for all types of skin and has famous anti-inflammatory effects. As it goes deep in the skin, it can totally stop the nflammatory process. It also improves blood circulation and collagen production, and helps reducing acne.

green-dot.jpg Green light

The green light is suitable for mix skins. It is a calming light, it relaxes the entire body and reduces the pain of the skin. It is also a good remedy against inflammation.

Fyola facial machine uses Photon LED therapy with red light, in order to penetrate deeply the skin and favor a treatment for all layers of the skin.

What are the differences between laser and Photon therapy?

Laser and Photon have a very similar method of action and very similar ways of fighting acne. Both technologies work to prevent basic acne bumps. 

Laser has to be performed in a doctor’s office: ALA (5-aminolevulinic acid) is applied before each treatment to make your skin more sensitive to the laser used. Between 3 and 5 sessions are recommended, according to your skin and the results expected, and the treatments should be separated by 3 to 5 weeks. Depending on the size of the treated area, a session could last from 5 to 30 minutes. There is no pretreatment required but sun exposure should be avoided 2 weeks before and after the laser treatment. 

Photon therapy can be performed at home with Fyola device. There is no pretreatment required and you can do it on your own. 3 sessions maximum can be performed each week, and each session can last from 5 to 15 minutes. 

However, current research shows that LED photon light therapy could be more effective and offer more overall skin benefits. Indeed, improved healing and inhibiting inflammation also occur when red light is used. 

Finally, it is also proven that Photon promises fewer and less severe side effects. Some patients will experience pain during the laser treatment and inflammation, redness and peeling skin can also occur after treatment.

Is there any side effect with Photon therapy?

With LED photon therapy, side effects are minimal if they even occur. The rare patients who have experienced side effects have reported slight irritation and redness. Pain and discomfort have not been reported with this therapy. You do not have to follow any special after-treatment rules with this therapy. 

Laser vs. LED Photon therapy: overall effectiveness

Laser therapy shows results, but research heavily indicates that these are often temporary, as the acne bacteria colonies tend to come back quickly. Studies show a clearance rate ranging from 37 to 83 percent. Studies on LED photon therapy have shown a clearance rate of up to 81 percent. A continuous use is however necessary to maintain clearance and maximum effectiveness.