Fyola® Nail Polisher / Electric Nail Drill Set

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 Comes with a complete set of brush disks and drilling heads

 Cordless and rechargeable

 Lightweight and portable with convenience

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If you're ready to get the best manicure and pedicure you've ever had, this set will help you achieve it. Indeed, you can make your nails look and feel healthier right in the comfort of your own home, by using the seven different attachments that come with this set. Each of these attachments was designed to help you with different aspects of your nail-care routine, which means that you'll be getting a well-rounded set. 

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  • Helps you get the best manicure and pedicure you've ever had.
  • Gets you healthier-looking nails
  • Makes nails shine naturally.
  • Helps you get the best shape of the nails fast.

Getting Your Nails Done Requires a Lot of Patience

Let's face it: making your nails look perfect is hard. You have to have a lot of patience to be able to do it well, and most of us lack it. Even on the rare occasion when there are people who are patient enough to do a wonderful job at it, they often just don't have the time.

Indeed, we live in a busy society, which throws activities at us constantly. With so many important things to do, it's no wonder people don't have time to get their nails done.

Or, It Requires a Lot of Money

In order to get around the issue of time and patience, many people choose to have their nails professionally done. Professionals tend to get it done faster, and because they're good at what they do, they also get it done better.

While this is a great thing to do from time to time, if you're doing it on a consistent basis, it can get quite expensive. Since most people who care a lot about the way they look want to get their nails looking nice at all times, they end up wasting a lot of money on those nails.

Now, There's a Better Way to Get Your Manicure and Pedicure Done

A great way of solving the issue of money when it comes to your nails is to do them at home. But now, we've gone back to the initial problem: there's no time, and even when there is, it requires too much patience.

This is why we offer you this set: it's a great solution to the problem of time and patience, because it gets it done faster and better than if you were to do it on your own. Also, in the long run, it will help you save money.

So, What Does This Set Do?

In short, it helps you get the healthiest, and most amazing-looking nails you've ever had, but we know you probably need more information than that.

In this set, you'll be getting 2 types of discs and 2 types of cones.

The shaping discs will help you remove the dead skin on your hands and your feet.  Once you've used the shaping discs it's time to move on to the filing cones, which will help you get the best shape for your nails. Finally, you can use the buffing disc to lightly polish the nails. Then, use the brush to clean your nails.




Having a glossy-looking, healthy nails shouldn't be hard to achieve, especially when technologies have become so advanced and so convenient. With this in mind, while getting a professional nail treatment in a salon is a wonderful experience, the expense, the time, and the effort required can become a form of financial and physical burden over the long run.

It would be so much nicer and easier if a nail salon can appear inside your home, where you can have the best nail treatment session whenever and wherever you want. Not to mention, the equipment required will have to be compact to put away, portable to carry, and simple to use.

This is why our Fyola Nail Polisher Electric Nail Drill Set is the ultimate solution to a problem that is so easy to resolve. This set comes with a complete selection of different interchangeable heads that ensure a robust and clear result. Your nails will never look the same after using this product.



Comes with five different brush heads and three different drill heads, a detailed and professional manicure and pedicure are possible without the hassle of spending money and making appointments. Enjoy the soothing relaxation of your room while listening to your favourite music and watch your nails shine with unparalleled beauty.

Pleasing to the eye, this nail drill set is crafted and designed with elegance in mind. Unlike bulky tools that you see in the nail salon, the drill itself is cordless and rechargeable. You don't have to fumble with annoying power cords anymore. The exterior case also features a smooth, gracious curvature that conforms to the surrounding environment in the room to make it inconspicuous.

This nail drill set is definitely one that you would want in your room for it is highly affordable and still provides a professional result!

Top Reasons to Get This Set:

  • 1. It helps you get the best manicure and pedicure you've ever had.
  • 2. It helps you save money.
  • 3. It gets the job done faster than if you were to do it on your own.
  • 4. It's more precise than filing your nails by hand would be.
  • 5. It's easy to clean and maintain this set.

If you're ready to get that amazing manicure and pedicure you deserve, and we know you are, then get this set today!


* Comes with a complete set of brush disks and drilling heads

* Cordless and rechargeable

* Lightweight and portable with convenience


* Allows you to have a professional manicure and pedicure anywhere that you want, even in the comfort of your home

* Don't have to book appointments or wait in line; get the best nail polishing at a moment's notice

* Versatile speed and interchangeable heads give you greater flexibility and function for that perfect nail treatment session

Save money!

  • DIMENSION: 8 x 3 x 6 inches
  • WEIGHT: 1.2 lbs
  • INCLUDED: x8 changeable heads, x1 AC adapter

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